Something for Everyone

There's something for everyone

MEETINGS: All of our meetings are during the day, when at-home moms need the support. We have one club meeting each month for discussing the month's activities and a guest speaker on topics related to mothers and their children.

ACTIVITIES: The MOMS Club sponsors Activity Groups for members with common interests. The activity groups change as interests change, but include activities such as children's playgroups, mom and tot brunch, arts and crafts, coupon exchanges, library storytime, local company tours, and a monthly MOMS Night Out. We also have outings or other get-togethers such as trips to the zoo and family or children's parties.

CHARITY PROJECTS: We complete at least one charitable, humanitarian or social welfare project related to children each year.

BRING YOUR CHILDREN: We believe being a mother shouldn't isolate you, so you may bring your children with you to anything we do. You don't have to bring children to attend, but if you do, please remember, you are responsible for your child's safety and behavior.
We always have a volunteer member(s) watching the older children away from the mothers, but sometimes we may all be together, so you may be asked to bring some toys to share. Babies are always welcome to stay with their mothers, and you may nurse at our meetings. If your baby becomes fussy, please be considerate of any speakers and move into the children's room until your child has quieted!